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I have remained true to whom I am -Busolami Tunwase

I have remained

Busolami Tunwase is a seasoned broadcaster with Television Continental (TVC). She has been a broadcaster for over 15 years and still counting. This master degree holder in Mass Communication from University of Nsukka is a news anchor.

In this interview with Eric Olusesan, she talks about how broadcasting began for her without actually preparing for it; her style and other things that make her tick.




How did you get into broadcasting?


It was instruction from God. I was given a template for a radio programme for my service year and it all started from there.


You have a unique way of casting news, what motivates you?


My late boss at AIT Mr. Ladi Lawal told me to always tell a story and not read the stories and if am telling you a story, then it becomes a conversation between me and my audience. So, I must sound believable, I may have to gesticulate if the need arises and of course my facial expressions must get your attention.


What was it like, learning the art of broadcasting and blending it with what you already knew?


Interesting! don’t forget God gave me a template, so I have a picture of me as intended but the schools and on the job, training helped a lot. I knew how I must turn out even though I learn from older colleagues and contemporaries, I have remained true to whom I am.



What does it take to become a broadcaster?


A lot of work. A balanced temperance, someone with a good staying power, passion for the job and you must stay intelligent at all time.


What has been your most fascinating moment as a broadcaster?


Bringing the plight of Abuja residents living in the slump to light, this happened when I was the head of AIT Abuja Desk.


How has it been since you moved from AIT to TVC?


A little quieter but intriguing.


How would you describe yourself?


Simple, down to earth but principled.


What’s your marital status?




Are you a stylish person?


Am modestly stylish.





You are a role model; how do you help to mentor our youths?


Am involved with some advocacy projects in that area, like Choice for life. It’s an advocacy group for female reproductive health and rights, we also handle adolescent’s issues.


Today is your birthday, what are your birthday wishes?


Joy, peace and love.

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