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Some Of My Best Pictures Are Taken With My Phone – Ohaeme Harret Ebere

No runway is complete without the models that give real life to the beautiful designs. African models continue to set a standard on international runways and set the pace for other models to follow. From her amazing personality, graceful and unique walk, Ohaeme Harret Ebere has become the favorite of many in the fashion industry. She has walked for top designers. In this interview she bares it all with Eric Olusesan.



How did you get into the world of modeling?

Modeling has always been my dream. A lot of people saw me and said that modeling would do me good.  So I had this friend (Emmy) who introduced me to a photographer.  I took my first shot and since then I have not looked back.  That was five years ago.


You have had an exciting career so far- you have met with some of the world’s greatest designers and walked in coveted runways, what would you say has been the highlight of this exciting journey?

It’s been exciting to meet people who share the same passion and dream with you when it comes to modeling.  My highlight was when I had to work with a photographer called Oladipo who gave me a shot that brought people to notice my work.


Because many girls want to model, they can easily fall prey to people who scam them. How can all the “model wanna be” girls out there tell if they are dealing with a legitimate agency?

For me,  there are a lot of good agencies that are out there to promote and help good and fabulous models.  To avoid been scammed,  I tell models to network first rather than join an agency immediately.  Talk to other models,  go for castings,  Runaway shows, beauty pageant,  ask questions before you join any agency.  When you network,  you will get options and check out good ones to join.


Managing your finances to me, as a model, is very important. Share with our model hopefuls how models get paid, the dry season and how to save their monies when they get in?

Many good models in Nigeria are not paid well at all, and every model needs money to keep up to the game of modeling.  During the period of been buoyant,  I tell models to get very good phones no matter the cost so that at that dry period when there is no money for photography, their phones can take great shots while having fun all the way, some of my best pictures are taken with my phone.  You can also reach out to some photographers on instagram,  follow as many as you can and tell them how great you think their work is and also telling them you don’t mind been their model for free. Models can also save money in the bank or any cooperate saving scheme so that at that dry period they can plan and manage how their monies will be spent. Models can also do extra jobs or invest in a good business.  It will help them remain in money while pursuing their career.

What advice can you offer to young African female (models) about properly balancing their career goals with their family life, relationships and other personal commitments?

An African female model is that model that wants to be at the very peak of her career. Balancing family life,  relationships and other personal commitments might not be easy but to manage both for family and personal relationships means having to keep in touch with your loved ones. No model should be too busy to pick up a phone even after days job to say Hi to their loved ones even if it is just a friend.  Well, there are different social media apps that can help you reach out to people.  Other commitments has to also do with networking. When you network you get great people to keep in touch with.


How do you think your business can impact society?

I have always wanted to teach cat work and etiquette to Secondary School girls on career to modeling. Am pretty working on that to help them decide after school whether they want to take modeling as a career or just past time.  It is fun because most are excited to walk even if they are not modeling at present.


How do you spend your free time?

My free time is usually spent with my family or church.


What is your favourite Nigerian food?

My favourite food is rice and beans. Anyhow it is prepared is good for me as long as beans is added.


How do you define a brilliant model?

A brilliant model is one who is humble and wise.  Models needs to be humble with everybody as this will catapult their career if they remain like that. Most great international model I have watched when interviewed have been said to be a very humble person who has no complains. A brilliant model should as well keep up to her game not only by networking but also watching shows on TV,  learn few things online,  read books on modeling and other aspect of life. A model needs to read at least a book in one month. Every chapter counts and least I forget be close to God. In fact every model should model Jesus Christ.


What about a brilliant woman?

A brilliant woman is that wise woman who is humble as well as industrious. A brilliant woman is that woman who makes God the center of all that she does. A brilliant woman is that woman who helps the needs of others.  A brilliant woman’s life is always an epistle to follow.


What is your plan B, after modeling?

Am already working with some great partners on my business.  It is also around modeling and entertainment. There is no stopping me.


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What should we expect to see from you in the next few years?

In the next few years,  I intend to be known as someone who helped others to grow one way or the other.  I intend to also be a woman who helped people get closer to God. A woman who loved the Lord and give life to everything she touches.

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