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Re: Ekiti guber: Multiple cracks on Fayose’s wall

Re: Ekiti guber

I must confess before hand of my avidness at reading The Nation newspaper religiously, especially through working days and as well as on weekends. Matter of fact, on Sundays, I devote considerable time at reading, reflecting and analysis the position of the paper on national issues and I have never had reason to fault or disagree. I can assert that the paper is gifted with a vast array of star writers and reporters, especially on their political desk.




My claim of the paper and many of its writers as star journalists is evidence in the fact that the paper and its many reporters have dominated the media space in a little over a decade of its existence that nobody can deny their preeminent position but I was however taken aback when on Sunday February 18, 2018, Mr. Dare Odufowokan wrote a not too factual analysis of events in the PDP under the title, ‘Ekiti guber: Multiple cracks on Fayose’s Wall’. The truth of the matter is that there is no crisis in the state chapter of the party, not any worth losing sleep over in the build-up to the gubernatorial elections which is only a couple of months away.




However, the beautiful thing about democracy is the latitude it gives to its adherents to shout wolf where none exist and the right to keep crying even if to attract some measure of attention to self. This beautiful trait can quickly turn into a burden when it is done with mischief, outright lies and of no basis. In Ekiti, since 2001, it is a truth that Fayose is the main issue, albeit an inconvenient truth that some people had and continue to deride to their utter shock. It is the inability of his detractors to do a thorough and factual analysis on him that has led them to continue to underrate/write him off to their eternal peril.




The opposition APC in Ekiti continue to wallow under the weight of their unprecedented electoral loss in the 2014 election and feel in demonising the governor, Ayodele Fayose, they can score some sympathies to the build-up to the election but such ridiculous claims has been taken to unprecedented heights which is misleading. Some of them have long realised that they have backed the wrong horse and have quietly retracted their steps but some of their aspirants in a face saving measure have continue to beat the drum of ‘a crisis within the PDP’ to shore-up the flagging moral of their supporters have become choristers of a song with few audience. This is the sad reality today!




As a faithful reader of The Nation, I cannot in all good conscience question the motive and morale of Mr. Dare Odufowokan for writing the piece. I would never do such a thing but I would only challenge him to come over to Ekiti with the aim of doing a thorough research based report. Remaining in Lagos and asking a handful of politicians who have an ox to grind with either the PDP or Fayose might be tantamount to excluding the greater majority from having a say in such a report. Evidence based analysis requires that all shade of opinions must be reflected and not the loud shout of a drowning minority with deep pockets. That would not give a true picture of event leading to the elections.




This was the same tactics which the former ACN used in the build-up to the 2014 election, and they received a shell-shocking which the party is yet to recover from. Here is a party with close to 50 candidates ridden with multiple camps and yet it is playing politics of the ostrich.




For the records, Fayose has not imposed the deputy-governor; he has only as a democrat voiced his preference for him. He has repeatedly assured all and sundry that there would be a primary election, free of all manner of malfeasance which some desperate politicians with hands in glove with some reactionary elements poised to precipitate a crisis within the PDP. This is really sad and a far departure from reality. Are we saying that Fayose has a governor doesn’t have a right to voice his preferred candidate. Many of the characters crying over split milk would gladly pray that he does same for them.




It would be recalled that in Lagos, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has since 2007, anointed candidates for governorship in Lagos. I guess it is not a crime since he is a ‘progressive’. This is the challenge before us as a people when we use double yardsticks for measurement. It is no secret that Minister Babatunde Fashola and current governor Ambode were Asiwaju’s creation. Is Lagos better or worse for it? A responsible leader must show interest in his successor. It is within Fayose’s right and it must be seen as such. Failure to come to terms with that reality is what is driving his opponents nuts.




Fayose has spoken of the character traits of Olusola Eleka and when the mantle has fallen on him. Here is a perfect gentleman with robust intellectual sagacity. He has demonstrated capacity, foresight, vision and strength of conviction which many of his co-contestants lack. The difference is clear and it obvious that he is the best candidate for the task of taking Ekiti to the next level. Those shouting wolf where none exist have the consciences to task. Why did Fayose choose Eleka? This is a fundamental question with the right answer which will set these captives of primordial ambitions free. Having been captured by their servitude mentality to ambition which is not in tandem with present day realities, they have failed to recoil or reconcile themselves to the obvious reality which is that the oracle has spoken.


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The task before us in Ekiti is clear. Continuity has worked superbly in Lagos; it would work well in Ekiti too. That some noisy people have failed to understand the simple logic and taken to misrepresenting the facts as they stand of the well intention of Fayose does not mean that the people are blind. It is not for vain that democracy is said to be the government of the people, for the people and by the people. The people of Ekiti have pitched their tents with Eleka and this is a choice that would FLY.



Olajide Taylor writes from Ado-Ekiti.

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