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Dear Baby Mama – John Jave Akhimien

Dear Baby Mama, Your name alone sounds very offensive and disgusting in my ears so that my mouth churns on her inside just to think that that’s the best of all the names under God’s heaven that you deem fit enough for someone of your status in every ramification… Your appearance and poise say something different from the reality, You look matured, educated and intelligent But alas, that’s just what it is A “look” that might never be. Yet deep in your heart that’s not what you want, But then modernization and westernization have gradually eroded your once-treasured moral values… Before now it was a taboo to know a man outside the confines of marriage, How much more to bear a child that would be stigmatized for life. But alas, these days you wind and grind your waist and even twerk in the presence of your parents, And they praise your dancing prowess, How then will you not smear their faces with shame? You want to get married perhaps, But the male you’re with thinks differently of you, Yet for the money he has that you’ll never be a part of you reinforce him in every way, So he commits the first taboo with you, Then the second follows, he puts you in the family way Yet you won’t belong to his well-guarded family, And sadly, you’re very happy and he is guiltless… While your confused parents are waiting for the bride price that will never come, (because you all lost it even before the beginning,) And a change of name to a wife’s status, They are greeted with an actual change of status, You are no more the “Miss” everyone knew, You “Missed” the mark for all to see and are conferred with the new but shameless title “Baby Mama” I wish you knew what that means, But I guess you won’t (because from the fall of man his wisdom travelled together with his originality, And he is left with a spiritual inferiority complex gnawing at the empty hollowedness of his spirit man), Therefore you are seen as a “play thing” good for sex and every club/party in town, And finally a “baby factory” Even a surrogate mother has honour, And so is a sex worker who proves to the world that she has actually lost it all in many moral ways, But a Baby Mama makes even the wise confused, For when they stick out their necks to believe in her, She proves them wrong, taking crumbs of bread even when she could have the whole loaf, What a colossal loss of womanhood this is! You move around with celebrities, Many who have lost it as well see you, Clap for you and wish for your shoes; But one thing there is that we all know: You are never a celebrity in any way, Noble acts and engagements confer such a title on any deserving person, Not ignoble acts that we now see… If you accompany him to clubs, strip parties and all the cursed places upon the earth, And never follow him to a blessed altar to say “I Do” Then thou art of all women “Most Miserable” Remember, like cars, he has a fleet of girls who are jostling to topple your reign soon, And I assure you, you’re no longer good in your game, And your continual atrophy is waiting to spell your doom…


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© John Jave Akhimien.


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