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Rivers Lawmaker ask Speaker to resign for mismanaging N600 Million


…Majority Leader dismisses allegations, nobody is owed



Daniel Efe/Port Harcourt


Crisis is  brewing in the Rivers House of Assembly as the Lawmaker representing Ahoada East Constituency One, Hon. Martins Mannah, has lashed at the Speaker of House, Ikuiyi Iwaji Ibani, of not utilizing N600 Million released to the him for the welfare of lawmakers, their staff and maintenance of Assembly Complex and Quarters.


Hon. Mannah who was shut out from speaking on the issues by the Speaker Ibani who ruled him out of order later addressed the Assembly Press Corps where he said that for 17 months now the Assembly Complex built with several Billions of Naira is unkept and in a decrepit state.


He also accused the Speaker of gross incompetence for not deeming it necessary to organize training’s for Lawmakers on Parliamentary procedure and the Lawmaking in spite of the fact that the majority of the Lawmakers are first timers.


Hon. Mannah stated “Some Assembly members don’t even know how to move motions and also contribute to debate because they were not trained in  Legislative business.”


The Lawmaker complained that “the Legislative Staff have not been paid for the past 17 months and they have turned to Beggars and nobody is saying anything about it.


“Even when Governor Wike has released N600 million to renovate  the Assembly Complex and legislative Quarters built by former Governor Peter Odili under the watch of Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi is in a mess. The whole toilet system is smelling. Spirogyra are growing everywhere on the walls and they say we should not talk. We are voted here by our people to speak for them.”  Hon. Mannah alleged.



The Ahoada East Constituecy One Lawmaker, Martins Manna, there called on the Speaker Ibani to resign if he was incapable of piloting the affairs of the legislative arm because Lawmakers in the House don’t want to fail their people due to the Speaker’s incompetence.


At press time, the Speaker was yet to respond to all the allegations.


It will however be recalled that on September 28,2016, the Assembly staff gave 21 days notice to embark on strike in October 24 staff emolument and welfare issues. It was learnt that the strike was suspended due to the intervention of the Governor Wike and other stakeholders.


In a swift reaction, the Majority leader of House of Assembly, Hon. Martins Amaehule representing Obio Akpor constituency  has denied all the allegations.


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Amaehule who addressed the Assembly press corps said there has not been any issue with the leadership of the Speaker for members to call for his resignation.


He said that no lawmaker or Assembly staff is owed salary or allowance.



“If any Lawmaker or Staff of Assembly is owed let them show proof. Even the lawmaker making the allegations has been paid up to date” Majority Leader said.


The Majority Leader said all lawmakers are solidly behind the Speaker, and also denied knowledge of any N600 million released to the Speaker which has been misappropriated.



On training, Amaehule said it is a continuous process as the life span of the Assembly has one more year to run its full course.


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