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Polaris Bank Excites Money Transfer Beneficiaries With Cash Rewards 

Polaris Bank excites Money Transfer beneficiaries with cash rewards 

Polaris Bank says money transfer customers across the country stand to earn extra cash rewards in Naira whenever they receive their International Money Transfers either as cash at any of its branches or directly into their USD accounts.
The reward which is open to new and existing customers of the Bank  seeks to reward customers who regularly receive their remittance through the Bank from family and friends in the diaspora and
In a statement to its customers, the Bank stated that beneficiaries of money transfer who receive their transfers from abroad in Polaris Bank from 1st December 2021 to 31st January, 2022 stand a chance to win extra cash rewards; as well as the CBN N5/$1 incentive paid with every transfer in line with the policy. New customers receiving transfers at selected branches, will also be rewarded with token gift items during the period.  
Moreover, beneficiaries can receive their funds in dollars within minutes at any of its branches or directly into their existing USD domiciliary accounts. Customers who do not have domiciliary accounts can also open a USD wallet instantly simply by dialing USSD code 83300#. Customers who already operate Naira accounts and do not have USD accounts will also have a USD account opened automatically if they receive directly into their accounts in the Bank.” 
The statement also noted that the Bank’s relationship with leading licensed global money transfer operators makes it easy for customers and non-customers to receive money through the Bank. Some of the Bank’s remittance partners include – Western Union, MoneyGram, RIA, WorldRemit, Remitly, SmallWorld, Funtech, BossRevolution and a host of others. 
With the Bank’s large network of over 250 branches and dedicated money transfer locations across major cities, the option of receiving transfer through Polaris Bank, has become convenient for beneficiaries. 
Statistics show Nigeria is ranked as the 5th largest receiver of diaspora remittances globally with an estimated $25billion in remittances received annually from over 15million Nigerians in the diaspora. 
Polaris Bank, adjudged the 2021 Digital Bank of the Year, is a future-determining and digitally-driven Bank committed to delivering industry-defining products to individuals and businesses. 

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