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Dr. Olukoya Donated World Class Research Centre To University of Lagos

Dr. Olukoya Donated World Class Research Centre To University of Lagos

As part of the innovative steps of the University of Lagos to elevate research to capacity and capability development and implementation, the need to establish and strengthen a core Central Research Laboratory was imperative.

The overall goal is to use good science to drive multidisciplinary research and development efforts toward product development/improvement, innovative services, and the elucidation of critical scientific queries.

The physical infrastructure needed to power this process was made possible through the D.K. Olukoya Central Research & Reference Laboratories donated by Dr. Daniel Kolawole Olukoya, General Overseer of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, Onike, Lagos to his Alma Mata.

The facility is a massive three-wing complex with three floors covering 1000sq meters located adjacent to the Faculty of Engineering complex on the main campus of the University at Akoka and commissioned in June 2014.

Known initially as the D.K. Olukoya Central Research Laboratory, it was re-named, the D.K. Olukoya Central Research & Reference Laboratories by the Senate of the University of Lagos in 2019 to properly. The National University Commission (NUC) noted that in terms of quality and quantity, the research output of tertiary institutions in Nigeria was about the best in sub-Saharan Africa up to the late 1980s. The decline of research activities in Nigeria is a consequence of obsolete research facilities, especially in the Universities. Laboratories are not well equipped to train students and conduct research. Thus, inadequate infrastructure and out-of-date equipment were a major challenge to conducting research that is tailored to address our national needs and those that can support competitive global research. Early career researchers and students scout for laboratories abroad where they are accepted to carry out research along with international supervisors for short to long duration, and jointly publish papers. Though well-intended, it does not give the Nigerian Universities the much-desired visibility, rating, and capacity development opportunities.

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