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Port Harcourt Literary Society: Changing the Niger Delta story with poetry

Port Harcourt

The world is full of poetry, as humans we are all living with the spirit poetry  which sparkles brightens  our daily lives.

The art of Poetry has become parts of our daily lives, Poetry comes with a unique beauty that enliven our every being.

The appointment of Mr Chijioke Amu-Nnadi as the Resident Poet of  the Port Harcourt Literary Society ( PLS), has attracted  tremendous  goodwill with a released of fresh breath  into  activities of the society.

Mr Amu-Nnadi  has added style  to  poetic artistry besides devoting his time and energy to give his best  in promoting the activities of  the literary society in Port Harcourt.

His commitment is unprecedented, this is evident in the series of activities organised by PLS,    this no doubt has given credence  to the most enduring spoken words art  ever staged in the Niger Delta region.

It was never a wasted effort that for almost one year that the Literary  society in Port Harcourt has  consistently hosted an Open Mic poetry events, which over the weekend culminated into one of the best Poetry slam ever in the country.

Mr Anu-Nnadi , while speaking at the Port Harcourt Book Centre, venue of the Poetry Slam, in Rivers State, said  while sustaining the essence and value of  poetry in the society, the idea was also to put the circumstance in the Niger Delta region in proper perspective.

“The Niger Delta is a beautiful place with very talented people. We are not all about militancy, we are not noise maker, there are great literary potentials waiting to be discovered in the region.” He said.

According to him the objective of the PLS was to offer kids the opportunity to grow in poetry as there is no better platform than the exposure and experience they gained  in  such competition having received quality coaching from the literary society.

He said, “The Poetry Slam is like a competition, you give opportunity to talented youths to perform every months, to a point where you feel  some of them have done enough to compete against one another.”

The Resident Poet expressed the hope that the government and other key corporate organisation will take a cue from Shell Petroleum Development Company in Supporting literatures which has no doubt contributed  in building the image of the communities

“Having come to the realisation that we are helping to tell a better story in our environment, we believe our activities  will attract more participation as we continue to build the momentum. Already  we  are engaging  with secondary schools to nurture the new generation of spoken words poets in the Niger delta region to show we are region of great talent and rich culture.





The Literary Slam which coincided with  the presentation of books by Professor Ebiegberi Alogoa, a renowned historian,  to Library at PLS, afforded him the opportunity to witness the performance by the youths.

He said the performance of the youths was beyond his expectation as  all the participants have  a sense of story which depict the situation in the country.

“ The youths in  the country have a deep sense of culture and imagination, it gives me hope that the future will be better.”

While commending the quality  and content of the Library, he gave the assurance  that his organisation was going to work with the Port Harcourt Literary  Society to see that they bring young people to participate in future events.

H said “The Library is one of the best in Niger  Delta region, I was astonished when I saw the Library, a whole lot of people don’t know about the place we are going to stand side by side to promote the place.”

The slam which drew participants from all over the country was staged in two categories with seventeen competitors in the senior Category and ten participants in junior category.

After a gruelling competition that witness some of the most astonishing poets  as judges comprising; Efe Paul Azino, Andrew Patience, Obi Ifejika and Graciano Enwerem, Toby Abiodun from Lagos state, was declared  the winner of the One Hundred thousand Price money and another shield donated by Dr Sam Dede.

The junior category was won by Ude Ugo, a student from New Total Child Academy  in Port Harcourt River State.



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