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University Of Port Harcourt Launches Sexual Harassment Policy

 …To name and shame offenders

… Amorous on campus hugging now an offence

Offenders presumed guilty until proven otherwise

Ibrahim Bakare

University of Port Harcourt has launched its policy against sexual harassment and where amorous hugging is now an offence with those involved are presumed guilty first until proven to be innocent.

The Vice Chancellor of the University Professor Ndowa E. S. Lale at the launch of the policy ceremony, which held at Ebitime Banigo hall said the University decided to raise the bar on sexual harassment to ensure that the young men and women put in the charge of Lecturers are protected, especially from antics of sexual predators who use their privileged positions power to blackmail or railroad their unwilling students or subordinate staff into granting them sexual Favors.

He said the management of the University in the policy document defines the rules of engagement in terms of the acceptable of engagement between Lecturers, Administrators and students, including visitors to the University.

Prof Ndowa vowed sanctions would be meted to erring members of staff but also has a robust in built checks and balances to protect those who are innocently accused.

He also warned any person so accused would be presumed guilty until he or she can prove otherwise under the established rules of fair hearing.

Prof Ndowa also warned that henceforth, Lecturers and administrators who do not remember to tell their Tailors to sew zippers in front of their Trousers should be ready to bear the consequences of their amorous liaison with female students.

He warned that the Same applies to students who harass lecturers to award them undeserved grades should equally be ready to face the music if and when caught in the act of self-advertisement to their lecturers.

Also speaking at the ceremony, the 6th Vice Chancellor of UNIPORT Professor Don M. Baridam describes sexual harassment on the campus of Nigeria University today as the systemic failure of a few morally depraved lecturers and administrators mindset, who sees women as mere sex objects suitable for their sadistic gratification.


He called on students and lecturers to join hands and play their part in this noble campaign aimed at naming and shaming identified sexual predators within the university system and also urged other institutions to copy Uniport road map in addressing the unsavory activities of those morally loose lecturers and administrators.

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