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Music can be defined as vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.Segxzy is one musician whose songs are lyricaiiy rich, danceable and his style cut across different genre, in this interview with Eric Olusesan, Segxzy reveals why “Now na morning”. 

Tell us about yourself?
I am Segun Ola-Fadunsin, popularly known as Segxzy. A graduate of Mechanical Engineering Auchi Polytechnic (HND) and University of Portharcourt (B.Eng), third child from our mother. Am also fortunate to be the CEO of Segz Records.

How did you start out in music?
My career in music kick started on February 2019 after I crashed on a 1200cc power bike. I call this a miracle to have been alive and fully healed in a space of 7 days. It was actually a gory experience which in turn inspired me to releash my tales using Rhythm and sounds .

What’s your perception about the Nigerian music industry?

Not bad and not too good. I will say in a nutshell that we need unity in Nigeria music industry. We all need to be our brothers keeper. Not just in the industry but Nigeria as a whole.

Your latest single, “NOW NA MORNING”is currently the enjoying massive airplay, tell us more about the song?

My recent single titled “Now Na Morning” which I featured Godrik is an Amapiano style, Now Na Morning means a whole lot. It’s a message to encourage everyone that in what ever situation you see yourself don’t give up but rather see it as the beginning of the day as the day starts with strength. It means so much and will take the whole day if I continue just on this, Now Na Morning is basically your own definition for most situations you find yourself in, So far, my fans have been positively encouraging with their incredible response to this single.Less I forget the Inspiration actually metamorphosised from the challenges I have faced in life which in turn made me stronger by the day.

What would constitute success for you as a musician?

I will see success when music industry in Nigeria turns out to be where you don’t need to be financially buoyant before your songs are been noticed. This is something I hope one day will come to play. I don’t see music as just you making fame but what you impact with your music.

Do you believe in public or social media display of wealth by celebrities? Will you do the same when you make it big?

 Lol. This is not called for I must say. I rather not say if I will do same if I make it big like you ask. Food for thought (What makes you big)…..I so much believe in this saying… ITS NOT A PLACE THAT MAKES YOU COMFORTABLE BUT YOU MAKE A PLACE COMFORTABLE FOR YOURSELF. I do believe some people know me and they can testify if am the type that display wealth…

You also run a record label, tell us more about it? 

 I am just lucky to be an Executive member of Segz records. Segz records is into all it takes a media house to do… From Photography, DJ Services, Recording, Artistic Management, Training and lots more. We are located just in the axis of Igwuruta of portharcourt to be precise.

Who were/are your mentors in the music industry?

I like to keep that to myself for the now, cos NowNaMorning 

Tell us about your little beginnings. How did you nurture your dream?

This is topic on its own. So far so good we have been coping doing our very own best to see it pull through.

What kind of atmosphere or mood inspires you to write your songs?

 It is highly unpredictable, most times from deep thinking, funny enough Now Na Morning was born right while on transit enroute Nigeria from the United Kingdom.This and more are my forms of getting inspired but above all, God remains the greatest creator through which my contents are created.

How would you describe your style of music and what kind of people does it appeal ?

Waoh… if u look into my works properly you will notice it’s different. I don’t believe so much in a particular style of music. My aim is to pass a message across, so when people ask for the style, I simply say… GOOD MUSIC.

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