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I am very choosy when it comes to what I wear – Chioma Victory

I am very choosy when it comes to what I wear

Chioma Victory, the CEO of Chivic-Couture says I am very choosy when it comes to what I wear as It was a lovely weekend evening last week when Eric Olusesan received Chivic-Couture CEO, Chioma Victory where she was held to a round table discussion and did reveal a lot about her fashion world. Read on.


How did your journey in fashion world began?

My love for fashion started way-back my tender age. My parents told me that, I always loved to be dressed in to match attires. And that I consistently was very choosy when it comes to what I wear. So, I will likely say, my adventure into fashion business all started in my early days.

What qualities stand out Chiviccouture?

The quality of the materials I put in place to get the best. It’s made available for all sizes. For example, a plus size woman don’t have to be left out, we put them into considerations while creating my designs, unlike other designers who make/ creates designs only for small or medium size women. We have sizes ranging from 6 to size finish.

Are you fulfilled in your chosen career?

Smiles, interesting question. Honestly, I’m as fulfilled like a child who just finished sucking from his/ her mother’s breast. You know there’s no place or profession that will be better than one doing what makes him/her happy. I have so much passion in anything “Fashion”. Be it my creation or someone else’s own, I just love fashion. So, I can categorically state that I’m content been a Fashion Entrepreneur.

What inspires your brand?

Well creativity and the ability to make something new. By putting knowledge, passion and wisdom together. All this are my inspiration.

Who is your role model?

Smiles, well there are lots of them internationally but let me narrow it down to here in Nigeria. In the fashion business there are lots of Nigerian designers who I admire a lot one of them is Miss Toyin Lawani (her creativity is just exclusive, especially her transformer designs), another designer is Fola-Toks Abiodun one amazing thing about her is that she’s very creative and to be honest with you, I get most of my inspirations from her works. She’s amongst the best we have.

What is style to you?

Well I define Style as any one’s creativity, ideas that is put in place to provoke-a-stare in all ramifications.

Does fashion include exposing ‘Cleveages’?

Well as a designer I won’t really say Yes or No, because fashion to me is what you wear and you are comfortable wearing it. It doesn’t matter if you show or do not show your Cleavages.

Where do we see Chiviccouture in the next five years?

The sky will be our starting point. I tell you by God’s infinite grace, Chiviccouture, Chivic Fashion World will be internationally and globally recognized as one of the best designs in the world.

How do you think the government can help the fashion industry?

Most importantly they should provide constant power supply. Create an opportunity that Nigerian designer will be appreciated. And also, to appreciate and buy made in Nigerian products (wears), that way, others will stop importing wears from other countries

Word of Advice for the Nigerian Youths?

My advice is that they should be responsible, independent and pursue their dreams early. Over the years I’ve come to understand that you are the only one who can discover yourself, no one will do that for you. Make memories out of your existence, let there be a positive thing to be remembered of you when you are no more.

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