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People are drawn to me when I talk – VIVIAN NWABUEZE

People are drawn to me when I talk

So Inspiring! Nigerian Model Vivian Nwabueze shares her Story by sating People are drawn to me when I talk on Growing Up & Aspiration in this interview with Eric Olusesan.


Kindly let us into your background?

My name is Nwabueze Vivian Onyinyechi. I’m from Imo State, Okigwe Local Government Area. I’m a Graduate of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, I studied theatre and film studies.

I’m a model, an actress, a writer and a singer.


How it all began?

It all began in School; I am really not a public person.

I have stage fright, so I didn’t really like doing things in public, in front of so many people and I still don’t.

But I realized that my course of study have to do with the public and entertainment, so if I’m to succeed in life, I will have to get over it and push myself out of that tight spot I placed myself in, where no one would realize my potentials.

I got my first chance at modeling in my second year when I contested for face of UN (university of Nigeria), which I didn’t win but I tried, I came out of my shell, I did something and yes, I was noticed. I have the potentials of going far, I have the body and I’m willing. So there’s nothing stopping me.


What inspires you?

My friends inspire me.

If I see what my friends have done, I’ll tell myself that I can do better and I will.

There’s this drive you get, when you see your friends achieve something that you haven’t. Yes, you’ll be happy for them but not for yourself. You’ll feel driven to do better.

So, that will to do better is what drives me, it’s what inspires me.


What’s your unique selling point?

My unique selling point is my body, my voice and my carriage.

I’ve noticed that people are drawn to me more when I talk; it’s in the way I talk. I don’t know how but I just do it.


How fulfilled are you in your chosen career?

I’m really not fulfilled yet because I’m still getting there.


Who is your role model?

My role model is Linda Ikeji. Everything about her is an inspiration to me.

A story of her failed modelling career drives me, and it gives me reasons why I should not give up.

How do you unwind?

I relax by listening to music and singing along. I love singing, it’s like my hobby and I have a really good voice.


Advise for the Nigerian Youth?

My advice for Nigerian youth is that you shouldn’t give up. Strive to be the best you can be. Find one reason to be out of those 1000 reasons not to be. I know there are challenges but you are stronger that those challenges. We are born to be conquerors not defeated, achievers and fighters. We shouldn’t let words from those who do not believe in us stop us from achieving our dreams and listen, no dream is too big. Look at Linda Ikeji for proof. We should strive to be fighters and achievers like her. She never gave up on her dreams, we never should.


Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I see myself as a young self made, entrepreneur in the next five years. Successfully running my own business.

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