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In this interview with Eric Olusesan of, the Energetic, dynamic and inspiring  Joseph Mukoro, lead pastor of ‘FPICC,’ shares his vision of inspiring Nigerian youths towards accomplishing their goals in life, his  ministry and life  at 5O. 


Who is pastor Joseph Mukoro?

He is the Presiding Pastor of FPICC NIGERIA. I’m a dynamic Preacher with an exceptional Anointing and Passion to see people walk free into their God given Destiny. I am also a Husband and a Father. 

Congratulations on your 50th birthday, how will you describe life at 50?

I will describe Life at 50 as a Privilege, its Humbling to See the Many Great things the Almighty God has done and still doing in My Life. I feel blessed, Excited and Thankful.

How will you define ministry of our lord Jesus and its impact in today’s world?

His Ministry is even more relevant today than Ever! The Prevailing issues of this present age and all the anti-God Moves of the present world leader, system’s and institutions has made the Light of His Gospel; a call to Repentance, living in Faith and love for one another, a must have in this Day and Age.  Really” He Remains Lord Forever ! Hallelujah! 

The Bible talks about unity of faith, why are there so many discrimination in Christian denominations in Nigeria?

Scripture says if the Foundation be destroyed what can the Righteous do? The issues facing the unity of Denominations is more Foundational than many see. If the doctrinal Foundations are harmonised many of the Discriminations will stop. I pray that Church leaders will also create  the necessary grounds for this to happen. I believe that despite our differences, the Body of Christ is Still One. Hands are different from Legs but they are all still part of the body. The sooner we realise this, the Better for us all.

One of the major problem in Nigeria is unemployment, what is your ministry doing in the area of empowering our teeming Youths who are unemployed?

Unemployment is a major issue indeed.  As a Church we have  taught the youth on how they can be self productive. By developing certain skills that can enable them to be self employed. Also, we have also empowered a few financially to help drive their goals.
We have a vibrant youth fellowship that has helped through fellowship stabilise the mental response of the Youths to the pressures associated with Unemployment.

Kindly tell us the uniqueness of your calling into the ministry and the impact your ministry has made these past years?

The subject of the uniqueness of My Ministry is not for me, to say but for those that have Experienced the Grace that the Almighty God has Graced me with to Testify. I will simply say that I count myself privileged to be called by God and to see His Word and Power Transforming lives as it is today!

Take a look at the leadership crisis in Nigeria politics, what is the church doing to raise the right and desired leaders for Nigeria?

Hmmmm! the Leadership crisis in our Nation is mainly a result of greed, occultism and the lustful partner of living by the political class that has become a norm in the society. The worst is the Manipulation of the Judiciary to escape Justice from their poor criminal Leadership. 
The Church has continued to teach and preach on sound National Leadership to its members.
I feel its rather sad that most of the present Leaders all claim to either be Christians or Muslims. The  Satanic influences around the political class has constantly overwhelmed their beliefs and Convictions. So I will rather plead that we really bring the political class into prayer for Divine guidance and deliverance from these age long spirit that has shamed the political class.
We also have to prepare the congregation to vote out Leaders that have refused to deliver on their political mandates.

Covid-19 has crippled most Economies of  the world, what’s  your position on covid-19 and covid-19 vaccines?

My opinion will classify me as a conspiracy theorist but I will say that it’s been a very sad experience globally,  seeing so many people losing their lives and loved ones to Covid-19.
I believe the subject of vaccination should be purely personal, because it already proven that the vaccines doesn’t stop the vaccinated from having Covid-19, that’s why America is trying to have a buster shot as a third vaccination after the first two. 
The free choice of people to take and not to take these vaccines should never be tempered with as I keep hearing mandatory vaccination.  Once vaccination becomes mandatory its no longer about  health but carrying out an hidden agenda that the present world leaders like to call conspiracy theories. I am watching them closely.

As a Christian leader, husband and father, how should a Godly home be practiced in this last days?

Godliness must be practiced at home,  by parents and demanded from the children.  Too many people and  family share theories of Godliness but fail at Practicing it. 

Prophecy is one key thing in Christianity but it has torn apart many homes, what is prophecy to you and of what impact is it to Christianity?

Prophecy is a revealed word of God about a thing, Person or event, that has taken place or taking place or about to happen. Its intent is to express God’s will over it. 

It is given to encourage the Faith of the Believer, guide the decisions of a Believer and rebuke the actions of a Believer. 

It’s never given to control but to stabilise the identity of a Believer. 

The Bible says it is for edification. 

The Prophecy that some parade about, is  to control people and families. it is Rooted in lies,  witchcraft manipulation and self gain.  

Sound  Christian foundation is the cure, and disciplined followership of the Holy Ghost will help your discernment, of the source of the Prophecy. Also being a good student of God’s Word will neutralise the Arrows of manipulation.

What’s your advice for our politicians and political leaders?

My advice to the political leaders is simple.  

1. Lead by example. 

2. Fulfil your political promises to the people,  bring real development. 

3. Stop looting and start building the lives of the people. 

4. Stop hiding behind sectionalism and religion when you are caught, take responsibility for your failures and crime. 

5. Practice politics of Values not politics of divide and rule. 

6. Our leaders should aim more at the unity our Nation, not the  agitations of our tribes.

7. Remember that true legacy of politics is in the dividends delivered to the people, not the mansions acquired through looting of the treasury.

Your last word on the role the church should play at this End time?

Lastly, the Church should be the Beckon of Hope, light and direction wherever it is found.  

The Church should encourage sound Christian living, and community development as often as possible! God bless You!

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