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Young Artist Should Come Out with Meaningful Song – Sir Wilker Jackson

Young Artist Should Come Out

The music scene in Akwa Ibom State went haywires with the unexpected emergence of “mkpo urua mma” the debut album of Sir Wilker Jackson which entry sent shivers down the spine of rival marketing outfits to “the five fingers” music the record label on which this smash hit album was released years back. It was produced by Andy Johnson a notable music wizard in music circuits in the State and beyond.

Sir Wilker’s works have continually remained produced by this dude. The 5 Fingers music was owned by Elder Aniekan Uko, himself a musician, who later went into Politics and became elected as Counselor. He also got appointed Organizing secretary of the ruling PDP and eventually cruised home as Speaker of Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly.

Sir Wilker thereafter recorded hit album after hit album and finally landed as the most popular Highlife music star this side of the Niger River. He gets invited and paid to thrill audiences in social gatherings across the State and beyond. Like Osita Osadebe, Sir Wilker Jackson’s renditions are done in his native IBIBIO tongue and are red hot in demand. When he is presented on stage to perform all hell is let loose as his fans go berserk with frenzy even before he begins to do his thing. His songs are sometimes philosophic and at other times educative and entertaining. He owns his own Band which affords him easy access to gigs across the land. In the recent past Sir Wilker got coronated Youth President of his native Etoi clan and the State government honored him with a brand-new Toyota Avalon car gift. This recognition has consequently made him more popular as he now performs at every State function. There is no doubt that only the affluent can afford his fee as a result. He is an award-winning act and was decorated the Distinction Award by “Music Alive” crew headed by Mr. Asteroid Bassey at the World Music Day celebration. Sir Jackson who recently celebrated 50 years of age is married with kids.

Young Artist Should Come Out

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Speaking to TownCrier Entertainment Reporter Sir Wilker had this to say:

Que: Tell us your names Sir?

My names are Godwin Jackson Akpan.

Que: When and Where did you begin your music career?

I played with the DOVES rock band and Emmanuel Ntia’s Eastern Stars band.

Young Artist Should Come Out

Que: How many albums have you record so far?

I have Ten (10) albums in the market.

Que: Is it true that your father also owns a band?

The band was owned by my uncle and it was named “The Blue Moon Orchestra”

Que: What is your advice to the upcoming artistes?

They should be serious and should come out with meaningful songs…thank you.

Young Artist Should Come Out

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