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Leave Akin Fakore Alone: By Donald Akpa

Leave Akin Fakore Alone: By Donald Akpa

Leave Akin Fakore Alone: By Donald Akpa – The lingering noise in River state corridors of power  precisely in government house over the Unwholesome call for the removal or redeployment of the commander of Anti-robbery squad SARS from Rivers state is very much uncalled for considering the fact  that rivers state before now remained a theatre of fierce militant and terrible political activities. Even before the formation and appointment of Akin Fakorede.


One amazing thing is the colouration or evil scenario of painting the performance of a vibrant

Young enforcement officer who refused to be involved in corruption with activities of a political

Party all to give him a bad name of exhibiting bias with his official conduct of duties for

Pecuniary interests.


The peoples Democratic party in Rivers state and their co-travellers branding the commander

Of SARS  mr Akin Fakorede as Apc man and engaging themselves in needless propanganda,

Organizing street protests in port harcourt, issuing endless press release calling for his

Redeployment from the state are all attempts to divert peoples attention from the  main issue

Of furtile efforts of the state government to tame the roaring monster of cultism, stage

Managed amnesty and patronage of evil gang to winning elections and subsequent

abandonment without settlement resulting in making the state ungovernable , and now

engulfed in restiveness at community level seeking attention even as some of us in diaspora

are very informed of the high level of confusion in the state.


The solution to the imbroglio and confusion of the political class hanging their bags of

Frustration on as innocent  man is to please and please leave The commander of SARS mr

Akin Fakorede alone to perform his duty as he is not a member of any political party, but a law

Enforcement officer trying his best to ensure sanity in the society.

Evil thrives in the society where good people refused to do something ,

likewise the confusion


Of militancy and cultism in the state can not continue under the watchful eyes of SARS

Commander. Hence an attempt to enforce discipline in the process caught the attention

Of those who thought it otherwise.


A word is enough for the wise.

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