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Christians Should Actively Participate in Politics To Ensure Positive Changes, Says Rivers SSG

Christians Should Actively Participate in Politics To Ensure Positive Changes, Says Rivers SSG

The Secretary to Rivers State Government, Dr. Tammy Wenike Danagogo has called on Christians around the country to actively participate in politics to ensure the positive changes the country desperately needs.

The SSG maintained that Nigeria is now looking for competent and God fearing leaders who can truly saddle the responsibilities of good governance and salvage the country.

Speaking on the theme: ‘Christians Using Politics as a Platform for Dominion’, during the Annual Men’s Fellowship of the Region 5 Headquarters of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Chapel of Blessing, Port Harcourt, Dr Danagogo observed that some ways for Christians to have dominion on the earth is for Christians to actively participate in politics.

Quoting the Holy Bible, he admonished, “Proverbs 29:2, confirm that when the righteous rule, the people rejoice. But how can the righteous rule if they don’t partake in the processes that decide leadership? Because some Christians remain docile in the nation’s political affairs.’

“Christians must be awake and involved in the political processes to ensure righteous rulership. We must reorient ourselves and begin to think the right way. You are to take dominion of whatever space or sphere you find yourself and foist the kingdom of God upon it. If you don’t take dominion in your sphere of influence, know that you are failing. The more you broaden your sphere of influence, the more you broaden the works of God.

“Politics is too serious a business to be left in the hands of just anybody. It is a business for the most qualified, most competent and most God fearing.
The docile majority cannot win elections, but the active minority will always win. You must be active, vigilant, alive and be the citizen who stands to ensure his vote is counted and delivered at the last quarters. You have every duty to become the leader or support the leader called by God to experience the needed positive changes in the country.

“Because God was looking for someone to manage the earth, he formed man as Genesis 2: 1-9, 15 tells us. The reason God created us is to manage any part of the earth we find ourselves. God is still looking for men and women to manage this earth. The day you run away from such responsibilities, you are failing God. God wants us to manifest on the earth.

To manifest politically, Dr. Danagogo advised participants to work together and stressed the places of physical and spiritual preparations through prayers and professional and political tutelage. ‘Preparing and positioning oneself and actively participating in politics are other requirements’ he said.

“Power comes from God but He doesn’t give it to people who don’t work for it. The parable of the Talents tells us that to those who have, more will be given to them. If you have the ability and you know your God, there is no place you cannot reach. If you believe in the works and revelations of God, you must work towards them and benefit from them. I believe in the power of God to enthrone leaders. But we have a duty to support and enthrone Christian leadership,” he noted.

The Regional Pastor, Region 5 Headquarters, Chapel of Blessing of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Adesoji Oni, noted that the topic was apt as the nation prepare towards the next General Elections.

“You cannot enter the realm of Dominion without leading or influencing leadership. We need to act to enthrone Godly leadership. Faith without works is dead,” he added.

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