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To Say Some People Are Latter Days Tinubu Supporters Is Like Judas Mocking Paul, Ayekooto Replies Ojudu

To Say Some People Are Latter Days Tinubu Supporters Is Like Judas Mocking Paul, Ayekooto Replies Ojudu

Progressive social media commentator, Dotun Akindele, well known as Ayekooto Replies Babafemi Ojudu, he penned on his Facebook timeline, “Egbon Ojudu is an adult who knows his rights and as human rights journalist and a fighter for democracy, he is experienced enough to be his own man. I respect him for being that. However his attempt to compare his stand of today with Tinubu and Bola Ige makes the article more of a comedy than action film. Fortunately, this was a scenario I witnessed personally but that’s a story for another day. Any decision, of choice that is not criminal, you take against anyone who is not your benefactor is not a betrayal. Judas chose to be with the Chief Priests at the expense of Jesus his Master was what made him a betrayal, nobody accused those who nailed Jesus on the cross as betrayals because they didn’t owe him. I don’t think this can be said about you and Tinubu, at least you too once said Fayemi must campaign for Tinubu because he benefitted from Tinubu, how come this rule doesn’t apply to you. You that said Tinubu sold his property to raise money to save your company. You that was a Senator under Tinubu’s influence. If you’re not his disciple, he won’t give you ‘something’ to give Igboho as you alleged”.

“Nothing like this can be said concerning Tinubu and Bola Ige. In fact, Bola Ige used to describe Tinubu as “that Gentle brilliant man from Lagos”. Bola Ige loved Tinubu so much because of his NADECO stand but the entry of Bola Tinubu to National Politics was by Shehu Musa YAR’ADUA and Tinubu was loyal to YAR’ADUA so much that he supported him in 1992 against Olu Falae but when YAR’ADUA was not on the ballot, he supported MKO Abiola against the choice of YAR’ADUA which was Atiku. Tinubu knows who he owed. That is perfect example not comparing apple with oranges. If you loved Gani Fawehinmi so well, why didn’t you join him when he formed NCP?

Both yourself sir and VP Osinbajo owed Tinubu, if you decided to pay him back, good, if you decided to become ‘bad debtor’ good, we will write your debts off from our books because we have sufficient provisions to cover them.

“To say that some people are latter days Tinubu supporters is like Judas mocking Paul!”

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