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-Pastor Enoch Adeboye on ‘From Lockdown To Leaping Up’ Part 6

Acts 3:1-8, Genesis 28:10-22

The last time, we spoke about leaping up from lockdown, we discussed the issue of how high can one leap? We told you that if the Lord is lifting you up, the sky doesn’t have to be your limit, it is heaven itself that will be your limit.

You might be asking, what has the text Genesis 28:10-22 got to do with leaping up?

  1. Before you take off, you must consider landing: before you begin to leap, you must consider landing. Ecclesiastes 7:8, it is far better to remain ordinary than to become an ex-successful. It is my prayer for everyone one of you today, you will never be an ex-champion.

As a matter of fact, if there is a way of preaching this sermon just to my own children alone, that is what I would have done.
Not because I am selfish but occasionally there are things you say to your children that would annoy outsiders.

  • Why must you settle the issue of landing before take-off? There is a very popular saying that says, ‘one of the most dangerous things that can happen to a man is to be successful before they are ready’. 2 Chronicles 26:3-21: The boy who became a King at the age of sixteen but ended up a leper. Genesis 48:8-20: Ephraim was blessed by the Father and by the time we got to Deuteronomy 33:17, Ephraim prospered more than his brother. In Hosea 4:17, Ephraim had joined himself to idols and in Hosea 5:9, God said Ephraim shall be desolate. Luke 14:28-30, the Bible says before you build a house, you sit down and count the cost. The taller the tower, the deeper must be the foundation. Before you begin to leap up, please think.

Why am l saying this now?
Success is coming your way, Isaiah 3:10, Colossians 1:27. In Judges 14:5-14 a prophecy came from the story of Samson through one of my sons. The Almighty God said out of the lockdown, might breakthroughs will come for His children.

Jacob was running away from home after receiving the blessing from his father according to our text, people will say how can God meet that person on the way and promise him tremendous blessings? How can God bless a thief?

  • God took him back to the roots; Genesis 12:1-3. God said l Am the God of your father Abraham. Galatians 3:13-14 we are all seeds of Abraham and the blessings of Abraham will be ours.
  • Jacob didn’t steal; he bought his brother’s blessings. Jacob did trade by barter with his brother Genesis 25:29-34. The Word of God is clear on trade by barter, Luke 6:38, Proverbs 11:24-25, Ecclesiastes 11:3, John 3:16, God had only one Begotten Son, He wants many more children so, through trade by barter He released His Only Begotten Son and today according to Romans 8:29, the Only Begotten has become the firstborn of many brethren. Where is the trade by barter here? God partnered with this young man, He said l will be with you, l will prosper you and you will be great. And Jacob said from everything you give to me, l will pay my tithe just like my father in Genesis 14:17-20. When people talk about tithe being the Law, Moses wasn’t born when Abraham paid tithe, He wasn’t born when Jacob made a vow. Some people will say everything in Malachi 3:8-11 is under the Law, except that Galatians 3:29 the Bible says if you are a Christian then you are the seed of Abraham: whatever is true for the seed of Abraham is true for me. Jacob partnered with God, and what happened to Jacob?
  • Genesis 32:9-10 he said to God the last time l passed here, l had only my staff, now l am returning with two bands. I have good news for someone, you entered this lockdown with nothing, by this time next year, as my God lives, you won’t even be able to recognize yourself. Genesis 30:27-43 Laban said to Jacob, tell me what you want me to pay you, Jacob said every animal that is born that is either speckled or spotted, let that be my salary, they agreed. According to Genesis 31:1-13, God had already shown something to Jacob. If you make God your partner, He will show you ways of doing business that will baffle the World. There are stories of a lot of people who made God their partners and they got divine inspirations and began to prosper. Consider Jacob in Genesis 46:26-27, he came to Egypt with Seventy souls, and by the time he left Egypt in Exodus 12:37, there were six hundred thousand men not counting children. I don’t know how great you are now, but you can become a Nation. However, l need to warn you before you say okay l will make God my partner, you need to understand that He will be your senior partner, if you allow Him to step into your boat, He will become the CEO ask Peter in Luke 5:1-11. Before you take off, consider your landing, who will be your partner? If you are inviting Him into your business, He will not be your junior partner, but your senior partner. Those of you who have not given your life to Him, you better surrender to Him now and He will take over everything, you will come under a new management. If you surrender to Him, you will never regret it. The rest of us can intercede for these people, that the Almighty God will receive them and become their senior partner. Say, Lord, be my senior partner.

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