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Year 2020: It is a year when round the clock prayers are needed against national restlessness -The G.O MFM Dr. D. K Olukoya

By Kenny Phillips

This is a serious situation and more than before we need to pray for Nigeria. This is not the time to say we pray too much in this nation. We also need to extend prayers to the world at large so that unfortunate events doesn’t come from other countries into this country.

Just yesterday, there was an explosion at Abule ado in Festac, that is coming not long after the explosion at Abule egba area.

The situation was more terrifying because among those affected the girls of Bethlehem girls college were more and that’s because it’s a boarding school. Needless to mention if those alive were safe and handed over to their parents.

There has been political unrest. Governor using veto power to unseat an Emir, the struggle for the national chairmanship of the broom party, the unseating of incumbent governor in Bayelsa and many more around the nation.

All these are very little compared to the CoronaVirus crisis happening in nations around the world. Unfortunately, we’re in a system where there’s no provision for people to get tested of this virus so that we can really know the number of infected people. Everyone is moving freely and infected people are spreading it more and not recognized.

The General Overseer, Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, clearly stated among his 33 prophesies for year 2020 that: “It is a year when round the clock prayers are needed against national restlessness, political and economic confusion. For those who love this country, it is advisable to spare one day in the week as believers to fast and pray for our nation.”

Just like some Prophesies of previous years, the prophesy no. 13 was a specific one that cut across nations and continents. The world now is restless, there are medical and political confusions everywhere.

For those who really love this country, it’s time to be selfless in prayer and sow seeds of prayers into this nation and the world at large.

I sincerely pray we have a cure to the CoronaVirus attacks on nations, I also do pray there will be a stop to Nigerians dying as a result of fire explosion and related incidents. Friends, we can never over pray, we can only under pray, this is not the time to feign ignorance and invoke tribal differences, this is the time to pray!

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