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Man arrested for keeping mother’s corpse in deep freezer for three years

Man arrested

In a shocking case from Kolkata, a 43-year-old man was arrested for reportedly keeping the corpse of his dead mother in a deep freezer for almost three years to collect her pension every month using her thumb impression.



The incident came to light after the mutilated body of the woman was found at his home by Kolkata Police on Thursday.


Speaking to The Indian Express, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) (Behala) Nilanjan Biswas said, “Bina Mazumdar’s body was stored in a refrigerator since 2015. Why her body was stored for three years is being investigated.”



The police said the accused Subhabrato Mazumdar has been detained.



According to police sources, prima facie the lady (87) had died following a cardiac arrest.


Reports said Bina was a government employee and had retired from Food Corporation of India (FCI).

Subhabrato was a student of leather technology and was in the leather supply business.



She received a pension of Rs 50,000 every month.


His 90-year-old father was also aware of the incident.


According to the police, during the search operation, they also found a forged living certificate of Beena.



A similar case was unearthed in 2015, when police officials found a man in Kolkata’s Robinson Street, living with the rotting corpse of his sister who had died a year back.


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Not just sister, the police had also found two other corpses of dogs inside the house who had died two years back.


During the investigation, it was found that the man was mentally unstable.


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