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Rivers State Lawmaker, Tonye Adoki slams Sheikh Gumi over anti-Wike, Southerners comment

* Gumi should stop divisive comments on Christian/Muslim and South/North dichotomy– Lawmaker
Eric Olusesan/Port Harcourt
The controversial Muslim Cleric, Sheikh Ahmad Abubakar Gumi, has been warned stop making hateful inflammatory comments against Nyesom Woke, the Minister of Federal Capital Territory in particular and Christians in Nigeria at large.
Member of the Rivers State Hous of Assembly representing Port Harcourt 2 Constituency, Hon. Adoki Tonye Smart who gave the warning slammed Sheikh Ahmad Abubakar Gumi over his comments against the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Nyesom Wike.
 Hon. Tonye Smart warned Sheikh Gumi and to refrain from further provocative and disparaging remarks against the former Rivers State Governor, Nyosom Wike and stop displaying animosity towards Southerners.
Hon. Adoki Tonye Smart, in a statement on Saturday in Port Harcourt, the Rivers state capital, warned the controversial Muslim Cleric that the era of hobnobbing with bandits and criminals for kidnappings and ransoms is over,“Sheilk Gumi or whatever you are called, you will jam what you never expected if you go beyond this.”
“Those era of planning with bandits and criminals to kidnap and share ransoms with them is over. Nyesom Wike is the Minister of FCT, deal with it.
“Some people like Gumi really believe that this country belongs to them alone from their actions and inflammable utterances. No wonder they saw it as their right for a Northerner to take over from another Northerner.“
He said Gumi should be reminded for a man that his state produces nothing for the country…sits at his comfort zone to ask for the sack Wike as FCT Minister because he…Wike, received the Israeli Ambassador to Nigeria in his office. How low people can reason.”
The Lawmaker also pointed out such divisive comments were long expected from the likes Gumi.
“Though we have been expecting this frustrating statement long ago. These bandits Sympathizers can no longer hide their frustrations since Wike was appointed as FCT Minister. That is why Gumi could not endure and have voiced out.
Adoki further reminded that Federal Capital Territory is built and maintained by the proceeds from Niger Delta region for which Rivers State is hub have not complain that for past 46 years no Southern or people from the region has been appointed FCT Minister. Gumi should be warned.
Our Correspondent reports A Gumi had attacked President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Federal Capital Territory Minister, Nyesom Wike, saying it’s dangerous to entrust Nigeria’s national security to the hands of Christians and southerners.
The controversial cleric stated this in a video sermon of over 14 minutes posted on his official Facebook page.
Gumi in the sermon asserted that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu would be stopped from serving for eight years if he does not remove Wike as FCT minister.
According to the cleric, it is dangerous to entrust Nigeria’s national security to the hands of Christians and Southerners.
The cleric said Muslims appointed into top security positions are only figureheads and not in charge of military command and control.

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