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Nengi Hanson IN Secret Relationship With His Boss Madam Ibinabo Amakiri, C.E.O Of The Creative Hub & Fro Nation

Is Nengi Hanson

The walls has ears and guess what the walls have heard this time.

Most of us know Madam Ibinabo Amakiri of CEO of Creative Hub & Fro Nation is said to be reportedly in a relationship with her personal assistant, Nengi Hanson.

Series of events has been occurring that shows that Madam Ibinabo Amakiri has a fling with her P.A that portrays they have something that goes beyond business.

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A post from the Port Harcourt based dancer and her personal assistant, Nengi Hanson on his WhatsApp status was captioned: “My hair looks good because my girlfriend owns fro nation.”

This picture below is a photo of Madam Ibinabo Amakiri, the CEO of the Creative Hub and Fro Nation at the Natural Hair hangout here in Port Harcourt.

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