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Huge Land Scam in Port Harcourt:

Police release Pastor, three others three weeks after suspected fake Real Estate bolts with Millions of Naira

… Suspected fake Real Estate rearrested after jumping bail for three weeks

… Victims call on Governor Wike for intervention

Daniel Efe/Port Harcourt

Pastor, three others regain freedom from Police detention three Weeks after they signed bail bond for fraudulent real estate developer Kelly Nworgu A.k.a De-Villa.

Pastor and three others who signed Bail bonds and provided sureties for an alleged fraudulent Real Estate Developer, Kelly Nworgu, who were detained by the Police regained freedom from detention three Weeks after suspect jumped bail.

Kelly Nworgu, rearrested and detained by Rivers Police after jumping bail over alleged land scams worth Millions of Naira.

They had signed Bail Bond alleged fraudulent Real Estate Developer, the boss of De-Villa, Kelly Nworgu.

Consequent upon the rearrests of the popular Real Estate developer, Dr. Kelly Nworgu AKA De-villa after he jumped bail three weeks ago the sureties were set free.

The Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Nnamdi Omoni, told our Correspondent that boss of De-villa Kelly Nworgu, submitted himself to Police a few days ago after much pressure from Police and his victims and search for his whereabouts and consistent trail on him for the past 3 weeks.

He said the Police have detained Dr Kelly Nworgu and released his Pastor and three others who stood as sureties for his bail application.

His Pastor (Name and that of the Church Withheld) had voluntarily signed a bail bound for Dr Kelly Nworgu after his detention on the orders of the Commissioner of Police, Mustapha Dandaura.

After diligent interrogation of Kelly on the volumes of debt and defrauding of innocent Rivers residents and without providing any authentic land after receiving full payments, a lead Pastor in his local church could not conduct services for three weeks as Kelly Immediately absconded after been released on bail.

Meanwhile, the Chairman and Spokesman of the victims of

De-villa land scam, Chief Michael Ezedike, has hailed the efforts of the Police in re-arresting the wanted Real Estate developer, Dr Kelly Nworgu who had allegedly confessed to defrauding his victims to the tune of 16 billion in land transactions.

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‘’He said I want the Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike to help us to prosecute this matter to a logical conclusion to ensure that justice is served for this man to pay us all the monies he collected from us.

“He confessed to us before the Commissioner of Police that the alleged land he sold to us belongs to the Rivers State Government, himself in connivance with his wife and the community Chiefs knew quite well that the land is not theirs and agreed to collect money from us as goat money and permits without any allocation after all the paper work had been completed’’.

He noted that Kelly Nworgu and his wife worked hand in gloves as the banking statements obtained by the Police shows that she made all the withdrawals from the account into an unknown place.

‘’Each time any client pays, she withdraws the money immediately in cash and also those Chiefs who paraded themselves as landlords and owners of the Land using community boys to chase us away each time we come to possess the so called land allocated to us, Please the governor should help us, some of us invested with our last penny just to secure a land to build our dream homes”.

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