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Who am I?

Why am I here?

What is my purpose?

What is my place in this world?

What value am I adding to the world?

For a long time, I pondered over these questions. I thought about them, I asked peoples’ opinion, I read books and then I thought some more.

It eluded me for so long, but after a period of deep soul searching, introspection, internal dialogues with myself and prayer, I finally found the answers. And life has not been the same for me since then. Oh! What joy to know who you are and why you are on this earth.

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Dear Teen/Youth, have you ever asked yourself these questions? Can you confidently answer them? And no, you are not too young to ask and find the answers to these questions.

Mark Twain says, “The two most important days in a man’s life are the day he was born and the day he finds out why”.

Do you know that you are not here on earth by chance? Do you know that there is a definite, specific purpose why you are here. Do you also know that it is your job to find it out? 

Of course, you can get some help and guidance from your parents, teachers, mentors or pastors but the answers lie with you. They will come from deep within you.

And those answers will totally change the way you live your life.

Dear Teen/Youth, the best gift you can give yourself is the gift of self discovery. Discover who you are and what you came to this earth for. Discover who God designed you to be and what your place in the world is.

And when you find it, go after it with all of your heart, your soul and your mind.

Why should you discover who you are?

According to Dr. Myles Munroe, “When the purpose of a thing is unknown, abuse becomes inevitable”.

How true! When you do not know your purpose, you will make a mess of your life.

Self discovery will lead you to find your purpose. And your purpose will shape your life. Your purpose will determine how you live your life, the choices you make, the people you associate with, what you do with your time, the places you go, the spouse you marry, even the way you dress.

See how intertwined self discovery and purpose are?

Keep a date with me next week as we delve deeper into these interesting concepts: self discovery and purpose.

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Ifeoma Okafor is a Life Coach, Mentor, Youth Advocate and Founder, Trailblazers Academy. She helps young people discover their purpose, develop values and skills, and create opportunities to make impact and lead change in the society. She can be reached via email at [email protected] or on WhatsApp 08063474104. 

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