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Crack In Tony Okocha Media Team


…As Angry Journalists Threatens Boycott of Function


Frontline Port Harcourt socialist and Caretaker Chairman of the All-Progressive Congress (APC), Chief Tony Okocha, may be in trouble with his media team following a shape division and cracks amongst some members of his team.

The Towncrier online, has learnt that what started like a joke amongst some journalists in Okochas whatsapp platform like a joke later snowball and degenerated into a quarrel with Okochas aide accusing some journalists covering his boss of syndicating stories and going contrary to the rules of the profession.

We further learnt that things got out of hand when some journalists started reacting to the warning note that read. “All must be present and syndicating of stories wouldn’t be allowed for those invited”

But in a swift response, some of the journalists’ names withheld started firing back, asking if the warning note was now a new criterion for journalists to be invited for Chief Okocha media coverage?

Also, another journalist with name also withheld contributed thus “what is happening in this platform beat my imagination. Access to information is one of the cardinal pillars of the freedom of information Act”.

While another journalist quickly added “if the information has to do with the APC or NDDC? It is of public importance, hence we shouldn’t be excluded” they said.

Recall that in one of Chief Okochas media coverage to Ogoni land the vehicle conveying some journalists almost lost control when brake failed along Eleme /Akpajo road in Rivers state.

Another angry journalist named also withheld fired thus on his response to the warning note from Chief Okocha aide “meaning what? You guys are taking too much of an unnecessary advantage. If there is a good story. Why can’t people syndicate it?”

Chief Tony Okocha is one strong critic of Governor Fubara led administration and has also accused the Governor of not doing enough since he took over as governor.

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