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Meet Gov. Siminalayi Fubara The Thanksgiving Governor


Rivers state Governor Siminalayi Fubara no doubt is peaceful and calculating even in the face of some daunting challenges as he smoothly sat over the administration of the oil-rich state.


Although, why the Governor appears smooth and calculating, there scores of those that are not happy about the way and manner he goes about his administration: giving the huge allocations that have accrued to the state in the nine months of his administration under review.


Why some of the Governor’s loyalists have continued to celebrate his Supreme court victory, those in the opposition have seen nothing good about the thanksgiving, stressing that the whole essence of the celebration is guise in milking the state dry.


Some people loyal to the former governor say the continued waste of taxpayers’ money in the name of thanksgiving across 23 local government areas showed a height of hypocrisy on the path of those secretly looting the resources of the state in the guise of thanksgiving.

They equally accused the governor of doing nothing given the huge allocation recieved by his administration so far. The situation has throw in a battle line between supporter of the incumbent and those loyal to his former benefactor and now minister of the Federal capital territory.


A strong loyalist of the F.C.T minister that crave anonymity says though there was nothing wrong in thanksgiving but says the manner in which people go about it is were a lot of people reads meaning into it and therefore alleged that it is another avenue the governor and his cunnies loot the state resource even when the governor has nothing to show of in the past month of his administration.

The Governor in one of his speech at the occasion, has acknowlged that the battles against his reign as governor had been fierce but God who rules in the affairs of men, has saddled him with the responsibility to steer the affairs of the state as its governor.

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