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The most criticised candidate will win 2023 presidential election – Prophet Iginla

The most criticised candidate will win 2023 presidential election - Prophet Iginla

Prophet Joshua Iginla said the most criticised and The most criticised candidate will win 2023 presidential election – Prophet Iginla candidate will win the 2023 presidential election in Nigeria.

Iginla, the shepherd in charge of the Champions Royal Assembly in Abuja, stated this in the 2023 prophecies rolled out for the public.

In the “prophetic release” Iginla also noted that two Generals of the Gospel will pass away in 2023.

My spirit was worried in December and the Holy Spirit took me on a journey in the spirit.

I was in a deep dream and an angel dragged me out of the dream and asked me to look up into the sky, when I did, I saw information that looks like moonlight and later look like a rainbow and saw an angel around the circle. I saw a mighty trumpet and I was gripped with a terrible fear.

I saw a hand and knew someone was about to blow the trumpet. The angel spoke to me that the earth needs to cry for mercy because the end is here. The earth will continue to witness unforeseen circumstances that will be mysterious. My first prophetic word is that the master is preparing to come back and take his own. The Lord will take some away earlier than expected. Its not storm or attack. He will visit the mighty of the mighty. It’s not rapture.

I saw two Generals of the Gospel being taken home this year. It’s not an attack.

Globally, the church of God will wax stronger. There shall be a revival of the word of truth in churches.

There will be a new set of kingdom ministers both males and females across the globe. He will raise unknown ministers whose rising will swallow others.

Politically, God will also raise up nobody that will swallow the bigger ones.

For 2023, those of you following me from 2021, 2022 will attest to it that even before the primaries of the political parties, I said Wike is a factor and Tinubu too is a major factor. And you attest to what happened in 2022.

We have to pray not to have the unnecessary drag or delay of the announcement of the election result.

Don’t misquote me, the ruling party should not be over courageous because I see a fight of two lions and a tiger, especially in the gubernatorial elections of some states. There will be a win and gain here and a loss there. Concerning the presidential election, I see the most criticised and hated candidate emerging winner under the permissive will of God.

Don’t underestimate the Labour party.

I will mention these states and won’t elaborate but we should just pray along as the election is under way- Kaduna state, Benue State, Plateau state, Enugu state, Abia State, Cross River and Oyo State. As the election goes, the parties holding those states should be prepared and not be overconfident so that we won’t have surprises.

In states like Rivers and Lagos, I see those sitting on the seat retaining the seats.

After the election, we have to pray that Nigeria will not experience battles and tensions. We should pray that the outcome of the elections should go down well with the players and that the aggrieved ones should address it legitimately.

Let’s pray against fire outbreaks in major markets in Nigeria.

Peter Obi must work hard on his security as a person before and during the election.

2023 will be a turning point for Nigeria after the election. Contrary to the prophecies being given, Nigeria will gradually bounce back irrespective of the tensions that will come during and after the elections.

The new government that will come in will take drastic measures that will create tensions but it will lead to sustainable economic growth that will shock us.

There will be great exposure of secrets that this current government which even Mr President might not know that his appointees have perpetrated. It’s going to be a mystery.

The CBN Governor should pray well because I see hard times are coming ahead of him.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will be released but he has to pray for his health. He has to pray even after his release…indeed the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. He must fight to stay alive and think about his health. He still has a purpose to fulfil.

The voice of the Igbo man will be heard sometime, somehow on God’s own calendar someday.

The APC presidential candidate will suggest sensitive betrayal. It’s going to be a tough one but it won’t change anything.

Overconfidence is dangerous at times. God uses the foolish things of this world to confound the wisdom of the wise. Peter Obi is a man with a mysterious destiny but a prophet is without honour except in his own kindred. Mighty betrayal will come from quarters he least expected. 2023 is a year of mystery. Those you despise might be your helpers and those you are embracing might be the ones to betray you.

Governor Wike’s political destiny is not yet over. He will play a major political role in the destiny of this country. I am not saying this for enticement but the star is on his head somehow. He should watch over his health too and avoid being poisoned. As I said, Wike is a factor.

Even after the election, the winners should pray to enjoy their health and not be travelling constantly abroad for medical attention.

There is a spiritual curse on the seat of power of this country. There is a force that made men who have something tangible to do for this country to enter there and find it difficult to do anything.

Most African countries should pray against attacks on their democracy.

I see military interventions in most African counties between now and 2028. We should pray that our democracy should not be truncated.

More scandals will rock some pastors. Some will be self-inflicted and some manipulated by the enemies.

Between 2023 to 2026 another kind of epidemic will surface but it won’t last. It will shake the system because they are signs of the end time.

There is a sensitive king in this country that needs prayers.

Let’s pray that the days of bomb blasts won’t come back, especially after the elections.

The G5 governors especially those of them still contesting should pray well to pull through in their bid to serve this country politically. I am particular about one of them. Sadly, there will be a crack among the G5. They will fall apart and it will be due to external forces.

The political party this G5 will support will make a difference, don’t undermine it.

The president of Russia, Putin should pray concerning his health. I see a strong attack coming so that he won’t be a vegetable while still on the throne.

There will be relative peace between Russia and Ukraine this year. So many things will come to play this year and Ukraine will find back her life.

The Vatican and the Catholics should continue to pray for this great ministry. There is still another kind of attack on their sensitive leaders between 2023 and 2024.

South Africa- The 2024 election will be serious and tough. The person there will narrowly escape…Julius Malema will become the president one day because the hand of God is upon him.

There will be revival back in South African church and the fire will rekindle the glory. The load shedding will get worse but God’s hand is upon the country.

Zimbabwe- The gospel fire will be massive. The current president will go to the polls and sustain his seats. But we pray for the economy to grow stronger under his watch.

Zambia- the president will continue to deliver his electoral promises, and the economy will wax stronger but there are some mysterious enemies in the system who will want to thwart his plans. God will expose them to him. Please don’t forget those who Labour for you before you attain the seat of power.

South Sudan – it will wax stronger this year but there will be more battles on the economy but the Lord will sustain the country.

Like I said last year the president should continue to pray for his health so that people won’t be fighting over his seats even while he is still alive.

Kenya- The president of Kenya will deliver his electoral promises gradually but he should pray against civil unrest that can do a lot of harm to his current gains and plans for the country. He must be prayerful and sensitive he won’t be poisoned and that he might finish well.

Uk- the new prime minister should pray too to finish his tenure. I see another shaking. UK should pray against senseless killings.

Gabon- the president should be prayerful. God is the giver of life and will keep him in good health.

Let’s pray for the month of July, August till October of this year for the country of Gabon.

As I said between 2023-2027 in Nigeria many political cabals, and strong men who are holding down this country will be called home. Some will be very sick, some will lose interest in politics, and others will retire or give way to others. It will be a battle between their lives and politics. I see a political revolution with a new breed of leaders that will rise up but the shift like I said we should watch out for in 2031.

A new government will remove subsidies. Things will go high but at the same time, things will finally fall into place.

The next government is coming under the permissive will of God. As others say, it’s David but God told me it’s Saul preparing a way for David.

Young ladies should be careful of hookups because there will be a high rise in ritual killings this year.

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