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Family At War Over Missing Person’s Properties

The sudden disappearance of an ex-banker turned property developer, Mr. Monday Tony Ojeaburu, is currently brewing war amongst family members as they engage

By Owolola Adebola

The sudden disappearance of an ex-banker turned property developer, Mr. Monday Tony Ojeaburu, is currently brewing war amongst family members as they engage in bickering over the sprawling Properties the disappearing man is said to own across the country.

Competent sources with the family told our Correspondent that, the ex-banker had on 13th December 2021 travelled to Bayelsa State to supervise one of his newly acquired landed Properties that was undergoing physical development.

Sources said that the business man boarded Agofure bus at the popular Jibowu Park in Lagos and arrived his destination at about 5.45 PM same day.

The ex banker was said to have put up a call to his younger brother, identified as James Ojeaburu, intimating him of his successful arrival in Bayelsa.

The property guru was also said to have told James in a plain language that he (the ex-banker) would be visiting one of his wives known as Mrs. Favour Ojeaburu, who bore him a child called Miss Bunmi amongst other directives.

According to the sources, at about 9.45PM, same day, one Azeez ,who claimed to be calling from Agofure Motors reportedly called Tony Ojeaburu, to inform that,the bus boarded by his brother Mr. Monday Tony Ojeaburu, was involved in a fatal accident .

“The family put up a call to the mobile phone of Monday Tony Ojeaburu, and it It rang intermittently but without anyone picking it up.
“On the 16th December, 2021, the younger brother of the property magnate travelled down to Bayelsa only to be told that, a Jeep rammed into the vehicle boarded by his brother, and that the vehicle caught fire and killed the passengers.

“We asked questions if anyone survived the accident. We asked questions relating to the corpses of the victims. We asked questions relating to autopsy and police reports-to no avail. The stories were no way jell. Itwas full of contradictions”, revealed the younger brother during our enquiry.

Speaking further with our Correspondent over the issue was James Bankole Ojeaburu, said that, “there had been a lingering problem between his disappearing brother and one of his wives who did not have any child for him.
He said that, they (the missing man and the particular wife) have been feuding over the control of a vast Estates owned by his brother and that it was shocking to notice that the said woman has swiftly taken over the control of his Estates by sending away the accredited agent in-charge to the detriment of the mother of the missing person.

Responding to a question put to him by our Correspondent, Bankole said that the matter was promptly reported to the Department of State Security Services and the State Criminal Investigation Department Panti Lagos who swung into action.
“The duo of Inspector Ebenezer Omirefa and Sergeant Adewuyi Adeyinka were assigned to the case. The officers initially made progress in the matter by arresting suspects who made confessional statements by admitting to their various roles culminating into the disappearance of the business man.

“The matter soon degenerated as those arrested in the wake of investigation were left off the hook, while those curiously charged to the court by the police were for offences not related to the matter under investigation. Even then, the complainant in the matter was never informed that the arrested persons had been arraigned”.

Meanwhile, Bankole James, the younger brother of the missing person who obviously supervised all the known projects of the missing person and their aged mother, Mrs. Folorunso Helen Ojeaburu, said they soon suspected a foul play and a surreptitious meeting between Mrs. Bukola, her Counsel, Chief Babasoji Alaba and Inspector Omirefa who reportedly slowed down the investigation and dampened the morale of the tracker privately employed to track the phone of the missing person.
“The tracker employed to track the phone was curiously arrested, locked up by the police for just no cause”.

In_depth investigation by our Correspondent showed that, the latest actions of the trio of Mrs. Bukola Ojeaburu, Chief Babasoji Alaba and Mr. Deji Ojiaburu, smack of fraud as as they displayed documents which showed that, they held meetings with the purported missing /deceased property mogul in the months of May and July ,2022.

“They exhibited a surrender of shares documents where they said that, they held a meeting with Monday Tony Ojeabulu, whom they claimed executed surrender of shares in their favour”.

An independent source told us that, the league of Criminal Cartels of Land Grabbers, few days ago, commissioned one Notorious thug layer identified as Muritala Bamgbade a.k.a AGULA whose notoriety is famous around Mushin/Isolo/ Ladipo Area of Lagos State to go round the properties of the missing Monday Tony Ojeaburu, claiming that Bukola Ojeaburu had paid him to remove the roof and burn down the properties, so as to sell it as bare land.

However, the family lawyers to the missing person, Messrs Lordwingate said:

“The matter appears more of a barrage of betrayals as James Bankole Ojeaburu has been trailed and several Kidnap attempts have been made against him by Bukola Popoola Ojeaburu, one Lawyer Adebola,  Babasoji Alaba and there are voice recordings exposing their heinous plans including that of Timilehin Ojeaburu and one Mr Peter Adewale who on further inquest is the manager of Bukola Ojeaburu’s Hotel at Igbesa. They recently brought in thugs and some armed soldiers, with a mission to abduct Bankole Ojeaburu, bundle him to Ikorodu and dump him at a stream, but their plans failed.

“It is pitiable that lots of false information has been supplied to the Police top echelon, just to keep the immediate family members of the missing person away, so that the long list of Properties would be hastily sold off as bazaar.”

In another twist of fate, Bankole was said to have been verbally invited by onec Assistant Superintendent Wole Oguntoye, of SCID Panti Lagos who only caused to intimate that, there was a signal from the Apex police investigation, Abuja, directing him to arrest and detain the staff of one of the hotels owned by the missing person. The police officer, consequently arrested and clamped the hotel workers into detention.

Enquiries from Mrs Bidemi Ojeaburu,one of the wives of Monday Tony Ojeaburu, indicated that she was not aware of the purported death of her husband.
But at the Akoka house of Monday Tony Ojeaburu, lies a tomb purported to be that of his. The tomb was said to have been constructed without the knowledge of other members of his family. To this, Monday Ojeaburu queries; “who declared Monday Tony Ojeaburu dead and where did Bidemi Taofikat get his remains to bury? We are still searching for my brother and others are busy scheming, selling his properties!”.
This is not the end of the story.

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